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Shanghai Allmarine Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional ship tools & pumps supplier in China. Allmarine as a famous brand in the world has running for 6 years.
Our products scope Pneumatic, Electrical and Hydraulic Tools, Oil and Grease Pumps, Deck Items, Hand Tools, Safety Equipments, Hose & Couplings, etc.
Allmarine just like a vital young man with the high-ardor, pure-heartedness and enterprise, is waiting to cooperate and develop together with you in the near future.
Allmarine Advantages:
Products:  High Standard Quality,
                   Abundant Category,
                   IMPA & ISSA
                   OEM available,
                   Urgent Delivery Time
Price:     Competitive Price,
                Reasonable Discount
Service:   Professional Engineer,
                  Professional After-Sales Service Team,
                 Systemic Order-Tracking  

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